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65 years of Geitzenauer’s specialised machine engineering


65 years of experience – competence and innovation for the future

For years the name Werner Geitzenauer GmbH has stood for quality, flexibility and competence in machine and plant engineering.

As an owner-managed company in the third generation, we focus on the customer. We have developed for and with our customers. Due to our high level of in-house production we have achieved extreme flexibility and extensive competencies.

Continuous investment into all areas of our company has secured a stable development in relation to the demands of the market. The high identification of the employees with the company, their willingness to learn and their excellent teamwork are the central pillars of our company. It is our employees that help us achieve our high standard of quality in all phases of production. We are specialists in complex machine and plant engineering.



We are specialists in complex machine and plant engineering.

Nothing is impossible – this is the principle we use to deliver solutions. We develop and engineer, we weld, rotate and mill, we package and send the goods to half the world.

As a contract and subcontract manufacturer with an effective staffing and pricing structure we are an important partner of our national and international customers.

We continue putting all of our strength and energy into the development of our company, so that we remain successful into the future.


The way we see things…



The name Werner Geitzenauer GmbH has been synonymous with satisfied customers and a high standard of quality for many years. The fulfilment of customer demands on schedule, at high quality and in a flexible manner has always been our first and foremost goal.

Both the management and all employees have developed a distinctive commitment to quality, which is one of the most important foundations for the long-term development of our company. All employees see their foremost goal to be the reliable production of high-quality goods according to the requirements of our customers, as well as an active and conscious effort to avoid error.

Best quality results are guaranteed through consistent adherence to legal rules and requirements set forth by institutions of construction supervision and supervised through certified and constantly trained specialists.

Responsibility, quality and precision

Our self-testing anchors the responsibility for quality control in the executive areas. We do not rely on retroactive testing and correcting of mistakes.

We secure economical production and delivery of products and services by systematic evaluation and clear definition of product requirements.

An ideal selection of state of the art production procedures and facilities secures a continuously high and reproducible quality in our products.

By implementing and continuing an effective and economical quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 we are able to provide customers with a guaranteed methodical production of expected and consistent quality.