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Structural steelwork – millimetre precision for up to 40 tons!

We have more than 65 years of experience in structural steelwork, focusing on the production of components for machine and plant engineering. Manufacturing complex special designs as one-off or small batch productions.

We use customer drawing or in-house created construction documents as the basis of our productions. We have production halls with cranes of up to 40 tons capacity at our disposal. Stainless steel and aluminium is processed in a separate hall.

We employ only certified welders, who are regularly tested to ensure competence.

All welding tasks are executed according to welding instructions based on procedure tests. We have at our disposal more than 25 procedure tests for e.g.

  •   Welding of construction steel from S335 to S690Q (1.8931)
  •   Welding of austenitic materials
  •   Welding of duplex steel 1.4462
  •   Welding of aluminium materials
Unsere Leistungen im Überblick:
  •   DIN EN 1090-1:2009+A1:2011 EXC4
  •   Zertifiziert nach DIN EN ISO 3834-2
  •   Schweißen von Aluminiumwerkstoffen
  •   Schweißen von Edelstahl-Rostfrei einschließlich 1.4462
  •   Schweißen von Baustählen bis S690Q
  •   Mehr als 30 Verfahrensprüfungen (WPQR)


In-house thermal cutting

The modern market requires faster processing times and we have successfully adapted to this challenge. We are highly flexible with our sheet metal stockyard of up to 100t of standard dimensions and performances and our own torch cutting machines for thermal and plasma cutting.

A well-functioning quality control is especially important when it comes to welding. We ensure the required quality using our own certified VT and NDT inspectors.

We have at our disposal the manufacturer’s qualification DIN EN 18800-7 with the extension to DIN 15018 and the welding of austenitic steel, as well as the certification of welding shops according to DIN EN ISO 3834. In addition we have the manufacturer’s qualification according to DIN V 4113-3 for welding aluminium.