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We create a suitable solution from your needs

You formulate the task – we find the solution.

Everything begins with the performance specifications, which you either provide to or create together with us. Our experienced design engineers will then turn your specified boundary conditions and requirements into a 3D-Inventor- blueprint. If necessary we include calculating engineers as early as the design phase, so that our blueprint closely resembles the final product.

After you have confirmed our blueprints, we will begin with details. As our engineers are in close product supervision, we are able to consider production-related options and limits in an ideal way.

As we fundamentally construct and engineer only products which we then build entirely in-house, our customers do not need to deal with products being processed by other parties. And that means you save time and money.

Our services at a glance:
  •   Complete 3D construction using Inventor
  •   Construction and calculation
  •   Production-oriented engineering
  •   Experience with welding and chipping
  •   Everything from a single source

By the way:
All calculations for load handling devices within the scope of application of the EC Machinery Directive will not only be checked according to the 4-eye principle, but are always offset as well


Interlinking decreases costs

From construction, via operations scheduling to each individual production machine – and back to quality management, all processes are interlinked. This saves time, money and offers you security in the process chain. Simulation processes at the respective CAM station uncover possible errors or discrepancies in the programming before production begins.

We can of course also import your CAD data and process it for our machines. This also saves costs and decreases errors.